Facial Waxing

Waxing. Many people run from this. Will it hurt? Will I be red afterward? Rest assured that we understand your fears and you are in good hands. Our stylists understand the nuances of facial waxing and use only the highest quality products.

Experiencing a little redness is normal, so you will want some time afterward to recuperate. This varies from person to person, however, and can last anywhere from a couple minutes to half a day. You can use a little aloe to soothe the skin to help diminish the redness. Also, waxing doesn’t have to be a painful process. Avoid drying products containing alcohol on your skin before and afterward. If you struggle with acne, talk to your esthetician first. You don’t have to fear waxing anymore. We are here to make your beauty experience as comfortable as possible. Rid yourself of stubborn hairs with gentle facial waxing services.

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